I’m just starting but am I behind?

I’ve completed module 1 and module 2. Looking at the facebook page i see a 90 day program video series on day 13. Should I just do one day at a time and watch/participate in chronological order or catch up somehow? Thanks for your help

Im doing all the things

I was so excited to have lost 6 lbs the first week. But now over the last 2 weeks I’ve gone up 2lbs. I have done all the things no flour, no sugar, lots of water. Eating only healthy. 4 lbs in 3 weeks seems way too low. I am getting very discouraged. What else …

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Worry Road

My mind keeps telling me the best days are behind me. I had my one love. I know to many people who have have lost and had a second chance with live be it divorce. I see loving couple here in Jamaica and I think u had your love. I don’t want this to be …

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Frustration with Lack of Results

I’ve been part of the program for about a year. I haven’t gained more weight but I haven’t made any great progress in losing weight—about 5 lb. I’m feeling like a failure and I’m disappointed in myself. Any suggestions on how to get on track?


Recently (August 12) I had a dear friend pass away and before she died she asked me to speak at her funeral. I live in Utah and the funeral was in Albuquerque, NM. Not only was I not prepared for her to die, I did not have enough time to prepare myself for the trip. …

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Model response

C: wedding ring T: It is not ok to wear while dating F: I wore the ring for support. Support that Brett is always here for me even in death. Now that I’m dating it seems wrong. I believe in karma. The gentleman I’m dating says it has cut him a couple of times. That …

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Get back

I fell off the plan and need to get back to it. What do you recommend is the best way to get back to last module completed or continue where I should be and then catch up later?