Master classes

Where do we find the previous pop up class and master classes in the portal

Self Worth Lowest of Low

I experienced a high feeling of self confidence recently as we attended a music festival. I was feeling strong, embracing how good it felt with10 lbs off, my new knees were working well, navigating uneven ground, setting up the campsite etc. I was aware of a woman near our campsite, flaunting herself my husbands way. …

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Molested as a child

How do you deal with possibly being molested as a child? Do any of the tools in LYT help or is there another way?

I’m not present in my life

How do I drill down and figure out why I have a lack of focus on myself. I worry about everybody else. I notice it and I have thought and thought about it but can’t figure it out. I need to change my thinking. But. To what?

maple syrup or honey

quick question. we are trying to avoid white sugar. is a little maple syrup or honey on occasion allowed? or is it all off limits too?

Dealing with expectations

How do I deal with expectations not being met? Long story short I had a very busy work weekend of being called in frequently. I knew this upcoming week was going to be very busy as well. I cleaned (clean tidy home helps me keep a clear head) and did everything I could to prep …

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Module 4

Pg 7, processing pain questions. I am not sure how to answer the questions. Am I to think of a time when I was in physical pain and answer the questions accordingly or are the questions based on emotional pain.


I have done the first 3 Modules when I joined before. Is it recommended that I do them over this time around?

The Scale

I stepped on the scale this morning. It was slightly up from yesterday. I’ve been hovering around the same number for quite some time now (1 month) and then this afternoon I stepped on it again, which I never do because it’s not the morning, and I was down 1.5 lbs from this morning. How …

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