Ask A Coach

Yikes! I have gained weight since beginning this program!

I have gained 10 pounds since beginning this program! I find myself resisting the program and feeling anxiety around controlling my eating. Now I am feeling anxious and worried that I may never lose the weight. I have NOT been bingeing on sweets or chips (my previous MO pre-LYT) or even eating my favorite treats much at all – no ice cream in weeks! Mainly, I find myself eating too much at mealtime, stuffing myself even, I cannot seem to tell I have had enough until I am uncomfortable and over full. Before that I feel HUNGRY – sometimes almost desperate to eat once I start eating. It is fascinating to me that this kind of overeating was not my issue before I started the program. I used to often leave food on my plate because I had had enough, but anymore I feel ravenous once I start to eat a meal. Ideas, tools or thoughts to help please?


I am so glad that you are coming for help.

If we go back to the basics that there are only two reasons we are overweight: 1. over hunger which is eating more than you need (snacking and eating past being full) and 2. over desire which is all the sweets and ‘treats’. Both of those are fuelled by scarcity and fear. They are also fuelled by ‘not enough’ which is some form of shame. We turn to the food to feel better because we haven’t learn how to make ourselves feel better with our thoughts.

It sounds to be that you are still having ‘not enough thoughts’ that used to have you going for the sugar but now you turning to the overhung instead. You are swapping one for the other.

What emotions are you trying to avoid?

Are you coming and participating in the live group calls? Have you asked for help?

One of the ways that you can know for sure that you are believing that you are ‘not enough’ is from not showing your face or asking for help. Another way is to keep feeding all of the excuses or staying in overwhelm.

What do you think is true for you?

I want to end with a model I want you to finish:
C- sitting down and starting to eat a meal
T- I feel ravenous once I start to eat a meal
F- (desparate?, out of control?, frazzled?, panicked?, ‘out of control’

R-you don’t connect with your body and eat according to hunger (some version of this)