Ask A Coach

Thought download

I would like a coaching call to explain how I am supposed to use the thought download.


I love that you asked this question because thought downloads are key to losing the weight and keeping it off. If you watch previous calls in the portal, you will often see that I will ask the members to write down all of their thoughts about a topic (circumstance) like your body. I will put on a timer and have you write down everything that comes to your mind about that topic. It kind of feels like brainstorming at school when the teacher would ask the class to share all of their ideas about a certain topic.

A thought download is getting all of your thoughts from your head onto paper.

After you write your thoughts down then you can go through those thoughts and write down the emotion that you have about each one of those thoughts.

Now go through each one of these emotions and write a plus or negative sign beside each one of these. You will see how many positives and negatives are there. If you have more negative than positive you can see how that affects you.

Now you can pick one of the thoughts and apply the model (circumstance, thought, feeling, action and result).

This helps you see what is going on in your mind and helps you see why you are getting the results you are getting.

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