Ask A Coach

thinking of food all the time

I feel like I am always thinking about food. Am I hungry? Is it time to eat if I am trying to fast? Is it hunger or something else? How many meals will I have today and what do I get to eat? Have I eaten too much? Am I eating the right things? I’ve pared down the food in the house to what I can eat. I know I need to have simple things ready to go because when true hunger hits, I want food NOW. Does this get easier the longer I am on the program? Week 11 now and I just feel like food thinking takes up alot of my day. Thanks!


I am so glad that you wrote in because a lot of members will benefit from this. It sounds like you are indulging in overwhelm and confusion. September 2023 we are focusing on overcoming overwhelm. Please check out that workbook.

There are two tools I would like you to focus on. Number 1 is math vs drama. The second tool is weight loss science. Extra fat is stored energy on your body. When you are hungry you do not need to eat right away. In fact, the way to lose weight is to tap into your stored fat. So hunger is an awesome thing because it tells your body that you are needing fuel and when you allow it to go to the stored fat, you will lose weight.

When you say that food takes up a lot of your mind juice (thinking) a day, this is where mind management comes in. You decide what you will think about. You can learn how to stop your brain from thinking about something and redirect it. I would recommend that you decide how much time you want to spend thinking about food every day and then work towards it.

95% of our thoughts run on automatic pilot and so it takes effort at the beginning to change these thoughts. Just like if you had to learn a new car it takes some time to figure out where everything is at the beginning but then your brain/body gets used to it and it becomes easy again. This is what you are doing at the beginning again. Keep coming to the calls, doing your own self coaching and stay active in the group.