Ask A Coach


My question is about snacking. I snack healthy foods throughout the day, have a protein drink midday and then dinner. Is this routine spiking my insulin levels and keeping weight on? Is it better to combine the healthy snacks into a lunch?
I was a school teacher and this strategy worked very well for my school day and I still eat this way.
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Such a great question to ask. One of the best things you can do is collect data to figure out what works best for your body. When you are working at no sugar and flour for the first 6 weeks your body is so happy to not have so much energy coming in. This is helping regulate your insulin, leptin and ghrelin. What are the healthy snacks that you are eating through the day? Snacks are social events- they are not necessary and they don’t allow your body to tap into the energy sources that are being stored.

Also, consider the energy that was required when you were a school teacher to now.