Ask A Coach

Releasing Guilt

In class yesterday, Dara was saying that guilt is stored in the lower belly. I have had an itchy lower belly all afternoon, and I have tried to figure out what thought is causing it so I can release it. What kind of questions can I ask myself to get to the root of the problem.


Put your hand on your belly. Breath. What is coming up for you? Where in your life are you feeling this?
Also, how would you describe the itch? What description words would you use?

How you describe the itch (i.e. irritating, persistent, etc) now think of something right now in your life that would describe that feeling.

There are two reasons we feel guilt:
Deny an emotion
Two conflicting emotions (i.e. I love my life but don’t feel like it is enough)

When you see those two reasons what is the first thing that pops in your head. This is an opportunity to see what is happening.

When you finish with these answers, respond in the group or bring more questions to ‘Ask a Coach’.