Ask A Coach

No Flour

Hello. I am listening to the videos and I am hearing two different things.

The first thing I’m hearing is no flour (or sugar) for six weeks. The second thing I’m hearing is no refined flour for six weeks. So I’m just wondering which it is, cause that’s a big difference for me! Thanks.

Emily Taylor.


Hi there- this is such a great question. Not all flour is created equally. When I refer to flour, I am referring to grains/beans that have been stripped down and ground up. The grinding process for commercial flour generally takes the healthy bran and germ so you are left with the rest which is not as healthy for you.

Chickpeas and other flours tend to be very starchy and are high in refined carbs. I recommend staying away from all flours in the first 6 weeks. You can reintroduce healthy flours afterwards one at a time to see how your body reacts. Healthy flours are almond and coconut flour because they are literally just ground up from their original state.

If you have a wheat grinder and have whole grains, I would experiment with them also. There is an interesting conversation about grains in Europe and North America with the GMO’s.