Ask A Coach

Newbe help with eating plan

Hi – I started about 3 weeks ago and haven’t lost any weight. I am having trouble with setting a eating plan and feel very overwhelmed, not sure how to prioritize. I have attended the coaching calls weekly. Listened to the introductory sessions and I am listening to module 3. Suggestions for me? Also, do I need to register & pay for the menopause session scheduled for May?? Thank you!


I am so glad you are here. What an awesome step you are making for yourself. What exactly are you getting overwhelmed with? The more specific the question, the more specific your brain can go to answer the questions.
EATING PLAN- when you watched the module 1-3 what did you get from the guidelines you saw? No added sugar and refined flour for 6 weeks. Each time you struggle with not following that decision, ask yourself WHY?|
The menopause is free for paid members.