Ask A Coach

More than one thing at a time

I have a hard time doing just one thing at a time. It’s like my mind can’t focus on the thing I’m doing and I have to either be doing something else or thinking of something else. This is ok when you are watching TV and doing a puzzle but most times it is not ok and whatever I am trying to do – both things suffer. I was wondering if the trick of catching myself in the act and stopping, hand on heart and asking myself why am I getting off task would work? Is this ADD or something like that or is it just a habit formed of years of being busy and pulled in numerous directions? Or is part of not being in the present moment and always looking ahead? Maybe this isn’t even a question:). I did a mind dump of all the things I THINK I have to do hoping that would help but then seeing it all on paper is overwhelming! Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


Our brains have 2 parts: the lower brain that wants us to stay safe, seek pleasure and conserve energy and then the CEO higher brain that is always encouraging us to progress and push ourselves to do more and improve. These two parts of our brain can create conflict which often feels like a battle.

I think the more you slowed down and asked the question, the more insight you have on what’s really going on.

What would a nice mom say about what is going on?

How much of this inner battle is sucking up mind juice and keeping you in a holding pattern where you don’t move forward in your life the way you really want too?