Ask A Coach

Molested as a child

How do you deal with possibly being molested as a child?
Do any of the tools in LYT help or is there another way?


Being molested as a child is something that happened to you. You can not blame yourself for what happened. In this sense you are a true victim to the situation.

The first step is to accept that this happened to you. When you accept it you can look at the situation without blame, shame of guilt.

Love Yourself Thin teaches you to be responsible for how you feel in modules 9-10. However, I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you individually to discuss if therapy would be a good step for you to take. If you can reach out to me (DARA) to book a 30 min call, we can discuss what is the best route to take for recovery. Thanks so much for using Ask a Coach. You are no longer alone in this and can get the help necessary.