Ask A Coach

Module 4

I don’t understand it at all. I’ve read it. It’s not making any sense. I struggle with the concept of buffering. Now false pleasure. I read the questions and couldn’t answer more than one or two.


I am so glad that you are using the tool of ‘Ask a Coach’. Buffering is when you are avoiding one activity with another activity. For example, you have a quilt that is not going your way and you don’t want to put in the time to fix it because it’s annoying or painful so instead of spending the time on it you find yourself in the kitchen eating or scrolling on your phone and you just spent money on fabric you hadn’t intended to buy.

You are buffering with eating and scrolling and shopping. In that moment you are buffering with these activities as they are keeping you from the task you are avoiding.

Please write back if buffering is still unclear.

False pleasure is when you get pleasure from a buffer activity. For example, if you are eating chocolate to buffer from an emotion- you will get pleasure in the moment that you are eating that chocolate but it is not a true pleasure. It is fleeting. It is not the same kind of pleasure you receive from finishing a project or the pleasure you get from working though something.