Ask A Coach

I’m not present in my life

How do I drill down and figure out why I have a lack of focus on myself. I worry about everybody else. I notice it and I have thought and thought about it but can’t figure it out. I need to change my thinking. But. To what?


Worry is an indulgent emotion. Which means that it is a pretend emotion or a cover up emotion. Just like confusion or stress. You need to be willing to dig a little deeper at what is behind worry.

You can buffer with worry.

How does that resonate with you?

Do you find it is easier to worry about other people than to work on improving your own life?

Here are some thoughts:
-I love other people and want the best for them but worry is not helpful
-I only have so much mind juice a day and worry uses up a lot of it with no benefit
-I am going to have a worry protocol (put on the timer and let yourself worry for 5 min and then stop)
-I am worth spending time on myself.