Ask A Coach

I want to stuff feelings… resources?

My husband just returned from a several week international trip. We have a very good relationship in general, but he came home tired, and a little crabby and judgmental. I started the program after he left, or right before, and was finding no sugar/no flour quite easy while he was away. I’m cooking, so no problem continuing, except NOW I feel like jamming brownies in my mouth when I feel any irritation with him. Ah ha! Love the clarity but help! Ideas for good tools or questions for myself? I will do thought downloads, modules, but I feel so agitated sometimes. know I need to work on moving away from validation, letting his stuff be his. I am trying hard, but this became very clear to me today. I’m not eating this things, but feel the urge! Thank you!


What do you actually need help with?

It sounds like you got some really good awareness.

What do you think the brownie will do to take the irritation away?

I recommend that you get curious about why being irritated with your husband is a problem?