Ask A Coach

How do I finish what I start and not quit on myself?

I notice a pattern in myself of giving up before I accomplish what I set out to accomplish. I quit on myself. I don’t show up as the woman I really want to be! (this pattern has cropped up as I get older. When I was younger I accomplished A LOT) This looks like not finishing courses that I buy and begin…..but fizzle out and then don’t get the result I am came for. I don’t want that to happen in this program! I already find distractions pulling me away from completing the first module worksheets. A little part of me (my brain) whispers that because it it lifetime access I am not losing anything by waiting one more day to do it. I am SO TIRED today! Sneaky thoughts!! I want to LOVINGLY break this cycle! That is why I am here. I brought myself here to ask a coach for some advice on how to head this off at the pass and get some momentum going in this program. I am going back to the worksheets now. Thank you.


I love that you brought this to ask a coach especially when you found yourself trying to talk yourself out of being with yourself. I remember once sitting down with my final draft of my first book before they published it and kept finding myself in the kitchen!! I didn’t want to do it and was having a hard time staying with a task.

One of the ways to look at this situation is from a procrastinators perspective. A procrastinator struggles between the future, present and past self. You want to have the thin body and lots of energy (future self) but it requires your present self to work through desires/urges.

Learning how to take care of yourself is a huge shift as you learn how to prioritize yourself. I love that you finally learning how to see your thoughts. Give yourself 15 min a day min to reflect on the questions.