Ask A Coach


I do not cry easily, in fact that has always bothered me when others are teary eyed or crying
and I’m feeling what they are feeling. However, every time I get on the LYT zoom calls, it’s hard for me to share because I will start crying. This is the only place that I cry very easily, and maybe too much, even when someone else is sharing. Can you shed some light on this?


This is such a great question. Can you remember the first time you cried and someone told you to stop? What was modelled for you at home or in your life about crying?
-is crying a sign of weakness?
-does crying signify being out of control?
-do emotions need to be stuffed down if they make other people uncomfortable?

This is a perfect example of how to do a thought download with a specific focus:
What I think about crying

Then write everything you can think of to answer that.

When you write everything you can think of, walk away from the list and then come back 30 min later. Write down anything else that comes up for you.

After you do that, take the time to write down the first emotion that comes to you for each one of your thoughts. Tally the negative and positive emotions. This will show you how unbalanced you are about the topic.

Write down all of the reasons why you think crying is appropriate. For example, I think crying is appropriate at a funeral, I think crying is appropriate when someone you love shares good news, I think crying is appropriate when you miss a loved one etc.

When you do this work you will start to create your own manual for crying and you can clean up all of the subconscious thoughts that are holding you back.

Also- I want you to answer the question of why you cry on the calls. Why are you judging crying?