Ask A Coach

Big emotions

I’m having big emotions. my stomach is turning. There big things happening in my life and I should be happy. Im worried instead and stressing about what might happen.

1) I have White Coat Ceremony next week. I’m concern about how I will interact with my mom. I concern about my feelings about the day. Brett and I had plans for this big day. These plans will be minus him. I want to stay strong and not be sad on this day because it is not my day. It is Jonathan’s day and i want them to have the best day (new pronoun request per my son).
2) I took off my ring. It felt wrong to wear while dating. I feel ok about not wearing it although, i do reach for it now and then as if it were on my hand. It sounds like I’m dating many people well it is just one person. That brings me to 3
3) How do you know how much to share with a person. Big brain says share what I want and if he can’t handle it he is not my guy and that is ok. Little brain says keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to be someone I’m not. I know what I want and should not settle for less and I’m not. But, this dating things has me in knots. I am a bit resentful that I’m starting over. I’m trying to look for the bright side and not turn to food or shopping.


Lots going on here- love that you came for help. Big emotions mean big shifts in your confidence moving forward in your life.

1. what exactly are you concerned with? What your mom will say? How you will feel that your husband isn’t there? Worried that you won’t be present for your son because you will be in your own sadness? I recommend that you go on worry road and then you will be able to get on to hope road. You won’t be able to get to hope road unless you go to worst case scenario with anxiety. What’s the worst thing that your mom would say and then work through what you would do.
What’s the worst thing you will feel because Brett isn’t there?
What is the worst thing you would do or say because you would be distracted by yourself instead of showing up as the mom you want to be?

2- Your ring is a circumstance
C-wedding ring
T- I don’t think it is OK to wear while dating

What is the rest of the model here?

3. Are you really starting over? What exactly are you starting over?

T-I am a bit resentful that I am starting over

Finish the model here.

What would it be like to just let yourself feel some resentment?

Also, do you like your reasons for dating and do your reasons feel like love?